It’s great that you want to do something to make money for a charity, but if you’re stuck for ideas on what to do, you might be feeling a bit frustrated. Here are some ideas that should help you think of a fun and effective way to raise money for your chosen cause.
Physical Activity
Running, cycling, swimming and other sports are a very common way of raising money for charity. If you sign up for a charity event, you can create a JustGiving page for people to donate money to the charity by sponsoring you, which often attracts more donations as people know their hard earned cash is going straight to the charity and not into some conman’s pocket. Doing physical activity for charity doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, to attract more participants, many charity runs don’t mind if you walk or even crawl around the track. You could also have some fun by searching for cheap costume hire or costumes for sale and completing the activity in fancy dress.
Dress Up For Work
Organising a dress up for work day is a great way to raise some money. Check with your manager first, and once you get the go-ahead, charge each of your colleagues a dollar or two to come to work in fancy dress. You could organise a theme, or simply let everybody dress up as whatever they like. Costume hire is relatively cheap, or you could find cheap costumes for sale on auction sites such as eBay for the day. You could even make your own costume
Make A Nomination Video
Remember the ice bucket challenge, no make up selfie, and other similar trends on social media last year? They all made millions for charity. A brilliant way to make some money for your chosen charity is to come up with a video or photo idea of yourself doing something that could be as simple as wearing your brightest socks for the day, and get your social media friends to post a photo of themselves doing the same along with a screenshot of their donation to your chosen charity. If it catches on, your chosen charity could be thanking you for a large amount of money raised.
Cake Sale
If you’re a baking wizard, take a batch of cakes, muffins and other tasty treats into work every week and donate all the proceeds to charity. Not only will you be a firm favourite amongst your colleagues, you’ll be a good fundraiser too.